Sutton Griffin Architects provides independent design, environment and sustainability advice.  With a professional team comprising urban designers, architects, GIS technicians and graphic designers, we work across the UK for both the private and public sectors.  The scope of our work extends from the city to the building, encompassing everything in between - towns, neighbourhoods, streets and spaces; from remaking the old to creating the completely new.  As architects and urbanists we are not only passionate about good buildings but are equally fervent about the spaces in between.

As an integrated part of the Carter Jonas planning and development team, we provide masterplanning, architecture, planning, development, viability and property services for projects which range from complex, brownfield inner-city regeneration sites through to new settlements, urban extensions, business parks, leisure developments and mixed-use schemes.  Our work ranges from large-scale strategic placemaking including city visions and strategic masterplans, regeneration strategies and frameworks, to detailed building design, sustainability studies, design guidance and coding.  We are able to deliver every aspect of our visions, at all scales.

We pride ourselves on building lasting communities and want to leave behind a better built environment than the one we start with. Our work spans every aspect of people’s lives – working, living, caring and learning – and therefore we have significant expertise in the commercial, residential, health, education and retail sectors.  We develop smart and creative solutions that are shaped around economic, environmental and social objectives. Our aim is to understand the place, to deliver the specific requirements of the client and the needs of the community. Each project is different by virtue of its unique location and our design response is equally thoughtful and appropriate.  But most importantly, we work hard to ensure all of our projects are viable and deliverable.

In an increasingly globalised world, we are acutely aware that size does matter, but we also know that small can be beautiful – and a lot more personal, for both our clients and our staff.  Therefore, we have a desire to be considered to be one of the best, but not necessarily one of the biggest. We win work on the strength and quality of our practice and projects, as well as the merit of our design and knowledge.  Our track record speaks for us.  We work at every scale from new communities in Rotherham to building-restoration projects in Hertfordshire, town centre regeneration on the Isle of Wight and new sustainable urban extensions in Cambridgeshire and Somerset, and country houses in Berkshire.  Most importantly, our clients come back to us time and time again.